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The closest and most efficient way to get acquainted Russian customers and sales channels with your products and services is participation in the central and largest industry event that brings together all the players in the market and collect them in one place.

We offer different stand options and packages to make your exhibiting experience as simple and efficient as possible.  

Please note:
  • Registration Fee (Obligatory) 540 Euro
  • Registration fee includes information, marketing and leadgeneration services (personal Exhibitor webpage on official website), and listing in the official Event Guide as Exhibitor - GroteckSmartEvent.
  • All prices excluding VAT (18%).

Standart Shell Scheme

Includes: Shell Scheme walls, Column with door, Venue carpet (standard colour), Chairs, Table, Information desk, Wall coat rack, Waste basket, 1 Panel of full colour printing, Spotlights, Sockets.

The number of furniture units included in the cost depends on the size of the stand. Please check the detailed description of the stand with the organizer


9   sq m:  4904   Euro
12 sq m:  6384   Euro
18 sq m:  9774   Euro
24 sq m:  12412 Euro

Premium Shell Scheme

Includes: Wall element Advantec, Column with door, Chairs, Table, Bar stools, Information Counter, Waste baskets, Full colour printing on 2 columns, Halogen spot-consoles, Sockets

The number of units included in the cost of furniture depends on the size of the stand. Please check the detailed description of the stand with the organizer


12 sq m 7022   Euro
13 sq m 7642   Euro
18 sq m 10751 Euro
24 sq m 13653 Euro

Space Only

This option includes the space on the floor plan but does not include any shell scheme or stand build. This option gives you the flexibility to build your own stand within your reserved space. For space more than 16 sq m.

Cost: 337 Euro / 1 sq m
10% Extra Fee for Peninsular, 15% Extra Fee for Island

Budget Participation

For companies who use mobile constructions and want to save their budgets on booth-building.
Budget booth is open space, with carpet, electricity, table (1), chairs (2) and allowed options of:
organisation of information contact centre on Infosecurity Russia website with the ability to place any multimedia materials and registration to Company’s activities

4 sq m 1150 Euro
6 sq m 1725 Euro
8 sq m 2300 Euro

To check available positions and get special offer please contact Anna Zabora at

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Russian Market: Don-t Buy The Restrictions StoryInformation security is one of the most popular ICT topics in Russia. Local companies have an increasing demand for information security solutions due to increasing ñyber attacks, both in number and sophistication.


Cyber threats in healthcare The number of cyber attacks against organizations in the healthcare industry is increasing and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. According to a report released by the security firm TrapX, criminal organizations are more focused on stealing data to spread ransomware.


Financial Security Day & NFC Technologies Financial Security Day at InfoSecurity Russia will bring together thousands of information security Departments Heads from banks, retail and telecom - leading industries using NFC technologies.


Firewalls review According to IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2016 the global market for security devices shown quantitative and qualitative growth. The main factor for that is the growing demand for UTM systems. Over the last five years their sales have almost tripled, and in 2016 reached $ 5.6 billion. Sales of firewalls and control systems have also increased for 10.4% and 0.8%.


Opinion: Russian integrator & Distributor SYSSOFT Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia met with Yakov Grodzensky, Head of Information Security Products Department at "Syssoft", one of the leading system integrators and distributors on the Russian market. Yakov spoke on some trends & insights of the Russian information security market and shed some light on the problem of becoming key player of the market in fast changing conditions.


Russia Anti-DDoS Services Market  


Interview: Check Point Software Technologies Russia & CIS Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia continues learning international vendors- success stories on Russian information security market and sits down with Vasily Diagilev, Chief Representative of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS countries for an interview.


Seasons Greetings from InfoSecurity Russia! Dear Colleagues,


Information Security in the Finance Sector According to official statistics from the Russian Central Bank, last year the number of cyber-attacks in the Russian banking sphere increased by 30 percent, compared to 2014, with up to 64,000 cases reported, however, according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the real figure is about ten times higher than the figures provided by the Central Bank.


Retail Cyber Security For the last two years Russian credit and financial sector loss due to fraud increased on average by 26.8%, in the telecommunications sector - by 6,8%, in retail - 16 % depending on the segment.